StimulArt is an Art collective working within Community Art Practices as well as in any artistic project. The artists involved are from England, Holland,Turkey and Spain, and bring together their personal and creative backgrounds.

After working independently in different institutions and community art projects, with emphasis in community/marginalized groups, stimulART decided to bring its strengths and skills together since 2008. As a collective that creates ongoing art projects to support and foster dialogue within communities and between individuals, to promote an interest in art within youth groups, raise questions, create awareness and explore solutions, and simply use art as a tool for fun and for development of our imagination and creativity.

Thursday 29 April 2010

StimulArt is exhibiting in Hackney Museum- 2010

Currently working on an exhibition commissioned by Hackney Museum, stimulART will be posting some images soon. The exhibition will be on for 3 weeks from 2nd June 2010

Tuesday 20 April 2010

StimulArt 'On The Move' 2010

A Raphael Samuel History Centre initiative, ‘On the Move’ was funded by University College London’s Innovation Seed Fund for outreach and hosted by UCL’s History Department. The project allowed historians and artists to work together with youth groups to creatively explore the history of each group’s local area and identity. StimulArt worked with Smalley Road Youth in Stoke Newington and represented Hackney borough. ‘On the Move’ culminated in a day-long event, which brought all the young people together to engage in activities from mapping their journeys to and through London, to  performances and discussions based on oral testimonies and historical images.  On the Move’ culminated on Saturday 27th February at UCL.On the Move’, run by University College London and the Raphael Samuel History Centre.  Over the past month, the young people have visited Hackney Museum and have been working with stimulArt and UCL historians to explore the history of Stoke Newington and turn their explorations into an art installation.  Using spray paint, historical maps, photos, oral history and objects and photos of their own, the young people have created a piece of artwork that reflects their own identities in relationship to the history of the area. The piece has also included sound recording.

What do sex workers want from art?

Is there a specific role for visual art to counter media representations or to provide an empowering means of expression? Please tell us your thoughts...(no need to leave you name)

street art - Discover Young Hackney Festival 2009

This Project was the third in a series of Street Art Programmes, run by 'Skyway' charity in conjunction with Hackney borough-This site-specific project was part of the 2009 Discover Young Hackney Festival running through February and March and celebrated youth arts and culture.The space had been abandoned and disused for an unspecified period of time, and we invited young local people to come and take the opportunity to reshape their own environment. We provided fully facilitated sessions in which young people participated in transforming the public space whilst learning the skills and techniques of Graffiti art.We hope that by generating and incorporating ideas and prompting active roles in decisions made, we will empower young people to realize their potential and feel as though they have some influence in the way they create and use their own environment. Within the realm of visual arts there is the capacity and potential to capture and enthuse, to engage young people in issues relevant to themselves and the ability to highlight the many means of expression, both individual and communal, by harnessing talent and imagination. The social implications of artistic practice are wide reaching, at its core is the ability to challenge perceptions and create new approaches to considering space and environment. This is an intrinsic tool in allowing people to gain a sense of empowerment in recognizing the possibilities that exist in ways of shaping their own environment, it also encourages dialogues and exchanges where people can share ideas and learn skills.

photography project-2008/09

This photography project took place in IMECE-Turkish Speaking Women's Group and the theme was domestic violence. It lasted 5 months with participants of survivors of Domestic Violence with works exhibited in Cyprus Community Centre. And we are in contact with the organization to open up an arts space. These photographs were taken by the participants after a series of workshops.Each person had their own interest to explore and express their emotions and thoughts around domestic violence.